Arcenio Advincula: Rennaissance Man

Arcenio Advincula: Rennaissance Man
By Joe Paden
Black Belt
April-May 2015

Thank you to Mr. Paden for allowing me to post his article.


Isshinryu Kusanku Kata, Kusanku Sai, Kama and Nunchaku

In May of 2003 we hosted three days of training and demonstration in Calgary Alberta Canada with Advincula Sensei. This was the first of four Isshinkai Shunki Enbukai held at Mount Royal University.
As at all enbukai, demonstrations by the various participants are always something to look forward to. On this particular day I asked Advincula Sensei if he could demonstrate his Kusanku kama, a kata he created based on Kusanku kata. He has also created a Kusanku nunchaku kata much in the same way that Shimabuku Tatsuo created his Kusanku sai kata.

Advincula Sensei performs Kusanku kama - May 2003 Calgary Alberta Canada
After completing the kata and giving us a little history, he called up some individuals, all from different dojo, to perform with him. Simultaneously, they performed Isshinryu Karatedo’s Kusanku kata, Isshinryu Kobudo’s Kusanku sai, Advincula Sensei’s Kusanku nunchaku, and Advincula Sensei’s Kusanku kama. This was an unplanned, spur of the moment demonstration by the four of them. They did not rehearse or take any time to practice before presenting it, so it's not perfect.

Ian Johnston​ - Kusanku (empty hand), Richard Rosenthal​ - Kusanku sai, Arcenio Advincula​ - Kusanku kama, Les Fugata - Kusanku nunchaku - May 2003 Calgary Alberta Canada

Now a question related to Kusanku sai: Why did Shimabuku Tatsuo call his creation Kusanku sai and not Kusanku no sai as in Kyan Chotoku no sai, or Chatan Yara no sai? This, of course is only my speculation.